Healing Rooms Testimonies

Debbie's Testimony

I was blessed by healing from the Lord. My surgery went better than expected. It was done laparoscopy without any complications and has been a wonderful recovery. No colonoscopy. No cancer.

Jeff's Testimony

I was diagnosed with RAS years ago. I was in severe pain. I couldn’t do simple things like putting on my socks, and climbing stairs, and I could barely walk. After going to the prayer room, I was overwhelmed with the healing that took place. I am pain free!! I can climb stairs and put my socks on again! GOD is awesome!!

Erica's Testimony

I am 9 years old and my family brought me to the Healing Rooms on Thursday because I had psoriasis on my scalp. On Friday the psoriasis cleared and a large amount of scabs and dandruff came off. I am totally healed!!! My family came back the next week and I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Eddie's Testimony

On the 28th. of January, I had a doctor appointment. At that time I did not have any vision in my right eye because of severe glaucoma. The doctor put his fingers in front of my eye up close and I could not see his fingers. At the Healing Room, I was prayed for and I began to see my fingers in front of me beyond arms length. I also seem to have more flexibility in my knee. I was delivered from some deep childhood hurts. Thanks be to God for the Healing Rooms.

Jason's Testimony

Written by his mother

(10 years old) was diagnosed in February 2007 after having kidney failure with IgA nephropathy, hypertension and proteinuria. At the same time his father was dealing with cancer. Jason lost his father in April 2007. He has been through a lot. But he has kept his faith through it all. When I was talking about my experience in the Healing Rooms with a person, Jason came to me and said that God said that he needed to go to the Healing Rooms. I took him on Thursday night. 


When we went to the soaking room prior to meeting with the prayer team, I told Jason to think about God only. When it was his turn he wanted to go by himself. I waited for him in the Soaking Room. When he returned he was crying. I asked him if he got scared and he said, “I am healed!” I asked him to repeat it again. Again he told me he was healed. He said, “Call the doctors in the University of Michigan Hospital to run the tests to prove it.” He told me how he felt the sickness just being burned away during the prayer. He kept saying over and over that he was healed. When we got home, he said that he felt he needed to jump and shout. I told him to go for it. So he was yelling that he was healed and jumping up and down. 


May 8th we went to Ann Arbor for a check-up. Jason told the doctor to run the tests, I am healed by God. His urine test was perfect, blood tests were normal, and his blood pressure was normal. The doctors are astounded and are weaning him off all medications. Now Jason just loves going to the Healing Rooms! It has been a wonderful experience for us. It has brought us so much peace and comfort and a closer relationship with the Lord and Holy Spirit.

Julia's Testimony

I tripped in my basement and landed on my knee. We went to the ER and they said that it was sprained and put me on crutches. The pain was horrible. After a couple of doctors and 2 ½ months of physical therapy I was diagnosed with RSD. They told me that I would have the pain and need to be on pain medicine the rest of my life. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t enjoy my greatest blessings – my children! I was on pain pills that were a step up from Vicodin.


My Mom and husband brought me here to the Healing Rooms to be prayed for April 2, 2009. I was scared to ask God to heal me. There are so many other people who needed His help more. He has already blessed me in so many ways – how could I ask for more? Thank God that He loves me so much!!! He healed me totally… no more pain… no more pain medication. Praise God!!! He finds us worthy and cares for us always.

Mark's Testimony

March 31st I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for my job situation and finances. April 10th God provided a job and has been blessing my financial situation. When I was here I also received a fresh anointing of joy of the Holy Spirit.

Charlotte's Testimony

Praise God for healing and delivering me on this night of generations of turmoil and demonic symptoms running rampant inside my body. Through the Healing Team and Jesus, I was set totally free from years of torture, pain, and suffering. I am so grateful for the Saginaw Healing Rooms because if it had not been for them caring and helping me in Jesus Name, I might not have made it to see 2009. Hallelujah! I give God all the Glory!

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